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Trust Me, new TNT series about Chicago ad agency

January 23rd, 2009

If you missed it last night, Trust Me, TNT’s new drama @10pm/9 central aired its’ season premier. The show was created by producers from The Closer and Nip/Tuck. I have never seen Mad Men, it’s bad enough I keep up on as many shows as I do, but I give more attention to shows I usually wouldn’t watch when they are filmed here in the windy city. As a huge fan of Nip/Tuck, I had high expectations from the show.

I was not disappointed. Maybe it’s because I work in the marketing and advertising field, but I found the show to be very interesting and humorous. From what I have read on various reviews, it’s a step down from Mad Men, I’m not saying Trust Me is better, since I have never seen it, but I recommend to anyone who has an interest in advertising, references to Chicago, and has some free time on Monday nights to check out.

For a better analysis and comparison of Mad Men vs. Trust Me, I have included a short review byAmy Amatangelo

January 26, 12:41 PM

Tomcavanagh_trustme_240 Reports of the similarities between Mad Men and Trust Me, which premieres Monday at 10 p.m. on TNT, are greatly exaggerated.

True both shows take place in the advertising world but the resemblance stops there. While Mad Men uses the backdrop of advertising to deftly explore characters and an era of change, the modern day Trust Me treats advertising the way a cop show treats a crime or a medical drama treats a patient. The dramatic thrust in Trust Me comes from the campaigns. Sure Mad Men has the campaigns too but that show is much more about what getting or losing a campaign tells us about a character. (The Utz campaign, for example, is much more about Don’s extramarital affair than how to sell potato chips.)

Tom Cavanagh is Conner, an impish copywriter who always comes up with a witty campaign moments before the deadline. His partner is the much more level headed Mason McGuire (Eric McCormack). In tonight’s pilot, Mason is promoted to creative director, a move that cause his friendship with Conner to dramatically shift.

Ericmccormack_trustme_240 I liked Trust Me even if Tom Cavanagh is basically playing a variation of the character he always plays – fast talking, incorrigible charmer. Eric McCormack is great and does a nice job of making the viewer forget that he played Will Truman for eight seasons. The series is well acted, often funny, and even though the stakes aren’t life and death, it’s still interesting to learn about the world of advertising.

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